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Mary is an English teacher who has worked in a range of educational environments. After an interesting experience teaching abroad she set up In the last year she has written a GCSE study guide and been working at an 11-18 independent school teaching key stage 3 and 4 classes, providing revision sessions for GCSE groups, and one-to-one English tutoring for key stage 3 students.  With a passion for good resources she works most evenings developing quality materials to help students learn.

Cinders was a Head of English but gave it up, not for a life of luxury, but for one of less drudgery.  Still hoping to find a Prince Charming to whisk her away from it all, she is dedicating herself to teaching in an 11-18 comprehensive, using her 'spare time' to mark exam papers, write text books, study guides and online resources.

Aimee is the third of our online English department: a dedicated classroom teacher, prolific creator of resources and committed world traveller.

Rob is the last of us and as he's not a teacher of any description barely gets a mention. Suffice to say he keeps the website working, makes great curry and can quote whole chunks of The Merchant of Venice from his own school days.


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