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A Christmas Carol Teaching Resources

Christmas compared: An extract from stave 3 and a set of questions to explore how the atmosphere is created and to help students produce their own Christmas description.
Christmas connections 1: A diagram and a set of activities for the people Scrooge meets in Stave One.
Initial thoughts: The opening of the novel and a set of questions to prompt a discussion about the time it was written, the use of language and the narrator.
Essay plan: Aimed at KS4 students with a focus on the first chapter.
Events: Twenty events (four from each stave) to sort and order. Enlarge the table on page 2 to A3.
Scrooge's house: An extract from the novel and six accompanying questions (two sets to a page).
Advent calendar: While reading the story students choose images from the novel to draw in the boxes and fill in the quote box as evidence. Makes a great display (best photocopied on to A3).
Stave 2: A set of activities about the events shown to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Stave 3: Words and phrases from the chapter to help explore Scrooge's changing personality.
Stave 4: A series of quotations to order and then use as a starting point to investigate Dickens' presentation of the characters.
How Scrooge changes: A table to plot Scrooge's changing attitude and behaviour.
Wordsearch: A simple wordsearch with questions. Aimed at lower ability.
Wordsearch answers: The answers to the resource above.