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A Midsummer Night's Dream Teaching Resources

Revision Quiz: Act 5 Scene 1 revision quiz.
Revision Quiz Answers: Act 5 Scene 1 revision quiz answers.
Love 1: Chart to complete showing the various relationships. Can be completed on-screen as boxes are text boxes..
Love 2: Version of the resource above for students to complete.
Questions: Ten questions on Act 1 Scene 2.
Euphemisms: Fun activity on euphemisms and task to create personal adverts for the four lovers.
Pre-reading: A lesson plan to introduce the lovers' dilemma including letter to an agony aunt.
Quotations: Five quotations for students to discuss and annotate.
Shakespeare task: NCT style question on Act 5 Scene 1.
Essay lesson plan: Lesson plan to advise students about answering a Shakespeare question.