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Much Ado About Nothing Teaching Resources

Beatrice and Benedick: A series of activities on these two characters and their relationships.
List of useful quotations. Can also be used as answer sheet to the resource below.
Who said it? When? What are they referring to?
The Friar: A lesson plan and resources to explore the role of the Friar in Act 4, Scene 1.
Character connections: A diagrammatic way of illustrating the connections between the characters.
Directing task Act 4 Scene 2: An extract from the scene with four accompanying tasks to help students think how a director might approach it.
Starter 1: Eight questions on the opening of the play.
Starter 2: Explore a short extract between Beatrice and Don Pedro.
Starter 3: Write the play as a mini-saga.
The two couples 1: Activities to compare the relationships of Beatrice and Benedick & Hero and Claudio.