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Mystery Story Teaching Resources

A Terribly Strange Bed: Some questions for discussion on 'A Terribly Strange Bed'.
First 3 paragraphs of The Terribly Strange Bed:  First 3 paragraphs of the story and some questions
Intro: Lesson plan and activity on the opening of 'The Red Room'.
The Man with the Yellow Face 1: An unfinished summary for students to complete. 'The Man with the Yellow Face' by Anthony Horowitz is available here.
Character types: List of 8 character types for sorting and an extract from 'The Man with the Yellow Face' by Anthony Horowitz for students to consider. (Also available in KS3 Original Writing).
The Red Room plot: Lesson plan and activity for the ending of 'The Red Room'.
The Red Room true false statements: True/False task on the opening of 'The Red Room'.
Mysterious wordsearch: Wordsearch of words often found in mystery stories.
Mysterious wordsearch answers: Teacher's copy of above
Mystery story elements: Prompts to help students think of ideas for their own mystery story.
Questions on Helen's story: Questions to check understanding of Helen's story in 'The Speckled Band'.
Engineers Thumb1: This set of questions on the opening of the story work well after using the Teachit pre-reading clues.
Engineers Thumb2: How does Conan-Doyle develop the tension of this story? A scaffolded activity to help students catagorise the various ways.
Speckled Band 1: A set of true/false questions which can be displayed on an IWB as a starter. A second page of 5 prediction questions that must be done before reading the ending (four sets on a page).
Sherlock Holmes info: Some background information to Sherlock Holmes and the stories and a series of tasks.
Sherlock Holmes lines: Opening lines four Sherlock Holmes stories, questions and a challenge to students to write their own introductory paragraph in the same style.  Works well with the clue sheets from Teachit.
Writing your own: A prompt sheet to help students start their own mystery story