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Narrative Poetry Teaching Resources

Charlotte Dymond 1: A presentation to help students create a dramatic reading of the poem.
Lefty and Ned: Write your own version of 'The Sad Story of Lefty and Ned'.
Similes and metaphors: Revisit similes and metaphors and write a metaphor poem.
The Gresford Disaster: A copy of the poem with a link to more information (including a radio broadcast from the time, a later news item about the pit and photographs.
The Gresford Disaster 1: A very simple cloze exercise to summarise the story.
The Gresford Disaster 1a: A series of activities on this narrative poem culminating in writing a newspaper article.
Newspaper template GD: Template for the newspaper article in the Gresford Disaster 1a presentation above.
Compare two ballads: Simple structure for an essay on 'The Gresford Disaster' and 'The Ballard of Charlotte Dymond'. Grid and suggested structure also available as Word documents.
Comparison table GD and CD: Simple grid to compare the use of similies and metaphors in 'The Gresford Disaster' and 'The Ballard of Charlotte Dymond'.
Compare GD and CD essay structure: A simple essay structure on 'The Gresford Disaster' and 'The Ballard of Charlotte Dymond'.
Story vs Newspaper: A series of lines from a newspaper report and the story of a shipwreck for students to analyse differences of style.
The Highwayman 1: The first six verses of 'The Highwayman' and some accompanying questions.
The Highwayman 2: Questions on 'The Highwayman'.
The Highwayman 4: Some true/false questions. Students also need to find quotations to prove they are correct.
The Inchcape Rock: A copy of the poem by Robert Southey.
The Inchcape Rock opposites: Activities and a table to complete on the opposites imagery in the poem.
The Inchcape Rock summary 1: A summary of the poem on numbered cards.
The Inchcape Rock summary 2: A summary of the poem on muddled cards, ready for a card sort.
The Lady of Shalott: A task to investigate characters and images in 'The Lady of Shalott'.
Mistletoe intro: A number of tasks to explore the poem.
The Mistletoe Bough 1: A copy of the poem. Ask students to annotate, pick out words that suggest the changing tension, storyboard or re-write as a Christmas Ghost story.