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Noughts and Crosses Teaching Resources

Characters: A list of the characters, with three tasks.
Important events 1: Important events from the first five sections, muddled up.
Important events 1a: The events from the first five sections in the right order, plus four activities.
Important events 2: Sections 6-8 muddled up.
Important events 2a: Sections 6-8 in the correct order.
Important events 3: The last 5 sections muddled up.
Important events 3a: The last 5 sections plus two activities.
Introduction 1: A presentation to explore the title of the novel. The first slide is intended as a starter activity.
Passport: Blank sheets for completion to keep summary notes on characters (aimed at lower ability).
Sections of the novel muddled: A muddled up list of the sections with activities.
Sections of the novel: The sections in the correct order, with further activities.
Settings 1: A presentation on the use of settings and what they tell us about the characters' feelings.
The Prologue: Questions on the opening and activities about the characters.
Themes: A list of suggested themes and activities.