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Original Writing Teaching Resources

Building up tension: A colour coding activity to explore the effect of sound, smell and sight descriptions on a piece of writing.
Story survey: A sheet to enable students to conduct a survey about favourite children's stories.
Story twists: A lesson on the twists in mystery stories with a focus on 'Nightmare in Yellow', 'Hey You Down There' and 'The Man with the Yellow Face'.
Good stories: A lesson plan and activity following on from the story survey above to investigate what makes a 'good' story.
Introduction: A lesson plan and associated resources to identify various genres.
The action: Questions on a variety of sentence structures to explore the effects created.
The setting: An extract from Buddy with a series of questions to explore how an author creates atmosphere through the setting.
Change the atmosphere: A sinister extract for students to explore and then a task to make the place sound happier.
Creating a character: Examples to show how ideas can be connected in a variety of ways. Two sheets on a page.
Character types: List of 8 character types for sorting and an extract from 'The Man with the Yellow Face' by Anthony Horowitz for students to consider. (Also available in KS3 Mystery Stories).