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Poetry Teaching Resources

A Case of Murder: Slide show to consider the poet's presentation of the cat and the boy's responsibility.
Animal poem: A copy of 'The Eagle' and some associated activities.
Animal poetry essay: Essay title, Venn diagram, advice and copies of 'The Eagle' by Tennyson and 'The Tyger' by Blake.
Animal poetry essay 1: Essay title, Venn diagram, advice and copies of 'The Eagle' by Tennyson an extract from 'Bats' by Lawrence.
Atmospheric poetry: A copy of Jamaica Market by Agnes Maxwell-Hart with six questions to explain the atmosphere and a creative writing task.
Autumn poem 1: Link to 'Autumn' by F Politzer with a set of six accompanying questions.
Autumn poem 2: A table to create a list of autumnal words (useful when used with other Autumn poem resources and as a prompt for students writing their own).
Autumn poem 3: A storyboard of 'Autumn' by F Politzer for students to complete.
Jamaica Market 2: A writing frame to support students in writing their own version of the poem.
Jamaica Market peer editing: A presentation to use when students are marking the poems created in the resource above.
Mother to Son: Five activities on Langston Hughes' poem to explore metaphors in poetry. Includes an extension task. Teachers need to provide the full poem.
Pike 1: PEE sheet to explore how Ted Hughes creates two sides of the fish's character in his poem 'Pike'.
Pike 2: A series of questions to help investigate Ted Hughes' poem 'Pike'.
Poetry intro: A series of statements about poetry to introduce debate.
Poetry intro 1: A set of questions for students to ask each other. Useful as a general introduction to poetry.
Poetry type intro 1: Use these questions with any sonnet (cut up) to introduce this type of love poem.
The Eagle: A copy of the poem by Tennyson with labels to show the poetic devices used.
The poem plan: 'The Eagle' by Tennyson and a template for students to write their own version.
The Tyger 1: A copy of the poem with questions.