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Science Fiction Teaching Resources

Student excerpts: A selection of extracts for students to explore.
Teacher excerpts: The same extracts as above but with title, author and date.
War of the Worlds: A set of questions and an extract from 'The War of the Worlds' to investigate the science fiction genre.
War of the Worlds tension: An extract from the end of Chapter 1 with associated reading tasks.

Humans: A task on chapter 1 of 'The War of the Worlds' to enable students to explore the question 'What impression is given of humans in chapter 1?' through quotations and diagrams.

Chapter headings 1: Chapter titles from 'The War of the Worlds' to discuss and organise.

Chapter headings 2: The answers to the above resource.

Science fiction unit plan: Ten lesson scheme of work with assessed tasks at the end. Includes Year 7 Framework Objectives but these can be removed or amended.