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Sports Related Teaching Resources

Commentary comparison: Use two sports commentaries of the same sports match (often available on YouTube) and analyse the different interpretations.
Cycling 1: Ten NCT style questions to go with an article on cycling.
Exploring a commentary: Extracts from a tennis commentary with accompanying questions.
Good and bad skate park: A set of statements to sort about the pros and cons of a Nike sponsored skate park. Useful to get students thinking before they write persuasive speeches or articles.
Headlines and first lines: Five headlines and first lines of news reports with accompanying questions.
Skateboarding glossary: Twelve skateboarding terms to match to their definition.
Skateboarding glossary answers: The answers to the above resource.
Skateboard park: Ten activities to create a simple leaflet to advertise a new skateboard park.
Questions: An edited report of a slalom championship race and twelve questions.