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Stone Cold Teaching Resources

Another essay title: An essay title and very structured guidance.
Attitudes: A table to record characters' attitudes to homelessness.
Captain Hook: Ten questions on this character.
Character statements: A set of five statements about Link, Shelter, Gail and Link's mum.
Dual Narrative: A table to record Link and Shelter's differing perspectives on the same events and situations.
Essay help: An essay question and suggestions to help students get started.
Feeling the heat: An introductory presentation to get students thinking about the meaning of the novel's title.
Homelessness: A table to be completed which shows Link's steps to homelessness.
Homelessness 1: A table to complete to show what Link learns about life as a homeless person.
Homelessness attitudes: Four short activities to explore people's attitudes to homelessness.
Introduction: Introductory presentation, looking at book covers (you need to download three images), the blurb and perceptions about homelessness.
Justice: A presentation on the idea of fairness in the novel.
Missing person: An example missing person advert, questions and a task to create a poster for Link.
Missing person 1: A copy of the missing person poster and questions.
Names: A presentation on the importance of anonymity in the novel.
Similarities: Students fill in the grid to explore similarities between Link and Shelter.
Vince: Three questions on the character of Vince.
Who says it: A set of quotations for students to identify, order and explore.
Who says it answers: The answers to the above resource (page numbers refer to the Puffin edition, 1995).