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The Outsiders Teaching Resources

Activities Slides 1: A series of activities on the opening chapter of the novel.
Activities Slides 2: Two activities useful as starters or homework, on Ponyboy and his friends.
Activities Slides 3: Activities on chapters 5 and 6.
Book titles: Lesson plan and resources to investigate the title and opening of the novel.
Quick quiz Chap 1: Seven questions on chapter 1, useful as a starter activity.
Chapter 2: Lesson plan, true/false and questions on chapter 2.
Chapter 3: Lesson plan and matching exercise on chapter 3.
Chapter 4: Order the events of the attack on Ponyboy and Johnny in chapter 4.
Quiz 4 and 5: Lesson plan, quiz on chapters 4 & 5, copy of Robert Frost poem and some questions.
Chapter 8 quotations: Lesson plan on analysing quotations, based on chapter 8.
Chapter 8 Johnny: Lesson plan and questions for discussion about Johnny.
Hamburger Johnny & Dally: Creating a PEA or a hamburger about Johnny and Dally.
Superlatives & connectives: A worksheet on superlatives and connectives.
A speech for Ponyboy: Lesson plan on preparing a speech to represent Ponyboy at the case hearing.
Essay on character: Essay title and advice sheet on writing an essay on a character from the novel.
Looking at sample introductions: Lesson plan and sample introductions for the essay on character.
Film question 1: List of 20 questions to guide viewing the opening of the film (re-released version).
Film questions 2: Nine more questions for film viewing.
Film questions 3: Seven questions about the end of the film.
Essay titles on film: Four essay titles about the film.