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Why The Whales Came Teaching Resources

Diagram on characters: Simple diagram to complete on the Birdman, Gracie and Daniel using information from chapter 1.
Essay: An essay scaffold on the character of the father in the novel.
Essay guide: An outline essay guide on the changes in father through the novel. Can be used with the scaffold resource above.
Father 1: Thirteen quotations to find to show how father changes once the war has started.
Father 2: Eight quotations for students to explore how they show the changes in father.
Father changes: A presentation with quotations on how father changes after the war starts.
Table 1: A table of quotations about father from chapter 1 to compare with quotations students find in chapter 6. For high ability students.
Table 2: Quotations about father for students to explore. For middle ability students.
Table 3: Quotations and questions about father for students to answer. Aimed at lower ability.
Chapter 1: An activity to learn about the Birdman, Gracie and Daniel in chapter 1.
Chapter 4: A creative exercise to learn more about the Birdman in chapter 4.