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Writing Skills Teaching Resources

A forest poster: A hand drawn set of trees with labels. Enlarge and photocopy onto green paper, then as students study or write persuasive texts they can affix examples on post-it notes to make a great display.
Argue article 1: A task, a selection of ways to begin and advice for students.
Comment and advise 1: A longer writing task complete with planning grid.
Commentary starter: A presentation to introduce the variety of registers used in sports commentaries.
Describe a nightmare world: A writing sheet including the learning objective. Can be used with the 'Lesson plan describe' resource.
Describe sentence starters: A variety of ways to begin a descriptive piece on 'A nightmare world'. Can be used with the 'Lesson plan describe' resource.
Describing: A lesson plan and writing frame for a descriptive task.
Different writing styles: A series of activities and a full writing task to explore PALL.
Emotive Language 1: A definition and activities for students to work through.
Emotive Language 2: Six newspaper headlines for students to write an article about using as much emotive language as possible.
Exploring Sentences:  A number of activities to show students they need to do more than identify sentence types. Particularly focused on level 5 writing.
Exploring the writing tasks: Information about the writing triplets, what's been in the paper in the past and some tasks for students to complete.
Kafka describe: An extract from 'Metamorphosis' with an activity and learning objective. Can be used with the 'Lesson plan describe' resource. A similar activity is available in the 'Inform, explain, describe' directory in KS4.
Kafka describe 1: A presentation to accompany the 'Lesson plan describe' resource below.
Lesson plan describe: Detailed lesson plan about writing the opening paragraph to an effective piece of descriptive writing. The resources are all in the Writing Skills directory.
PEEE Poster: A hand drawn set of letters to remind students to PEEE in their work. Can be used as a poster in the classroom (enlarge to A3) or hand out to students for them to write their ideas on and then display ... beautiful!
Senses template: Useful for any descriptive writing starter, it reminds students to consider all five senses. Can be used with the 'Lesson plan describe' resource above.
Speech writing 1: Students create a glossary of rhetorical devices and then see how many they can find in a selection of famous speeches.
Theatre advert: A sample short writing task about an advert for a theatre club.
Theatre writing task: A persuasive letter.
Using language 1: A slide show to guide students step by step through the PEA process.
Magazine article: A sample short writing task about an article in a travel magazine.
School task: A long writing task on a feature for a guidebook to school.
Poaching article: A cloze exercise with a variety of emotive words to choose from. Includes hints on which word might be best.