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A View From A Bridge Teaching Resources

Character 1: A presentation to look at the development of character. The resource below is a printable version of the table in the presentation.
Character chart: A printable (and black and white) version of the character table shown in the presentation above. Best photocopied onto A3.
Characteristics: A list of 10 possible characteristics for Eddie, Marco and Rodolfo for students to rank, find evidence for and discuss. Can be displayed on an IWB for completion as a class.
Events of Act 1: Put 14 events from Act One in the correct order.
Events of Act 2: Put 20 events from Act Two in the correct order.
Opening stage directions: The stage directions, a glossary and eight questions to encourage students to explore the text.
Plot the play: Graph for plotting the tension and tragedy. best copied onto A3 or displayed on an IWB.
Quotations 1: A selection of quotations form Act 1 to annotate and analyse.
Themes: List of 15 themes with an example of how to analyse relevant quotations.