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An Inspector Calls Teaching Resources

Page numbers refer to Heinemann edition

Changing attitudes: A simple grid to complete for each of the characters.
Characters 1: A presentation and questions to the characters in the play.
Eric quotations: A list of quotations from Eric in Act 3 for discussion.
Essay questions and advice: An essay question about Mrs Birling and advice on answering it.
Essay title and advice: An essay question on themes and guidance for planning and writing.
First impressions: Activities on the initial stage directions and first few pages of the play.
Literature coursework: A reminder to students about important aspects of writing an essay.
Opening stage directions: A copy of the opening stage directions: useful for class annotation.
Questions on the opening pages: 14 questions on the first 22 pages of the play.
Speaking and listening: Explanation of a speaking and listening exercise.
The Inspector: Who is the inspector? A list of phrases to describe him for discussion.
Writing an exam essay: Guidance on writing a focused exam essay.