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Muddled verse 1: A selection of muddled words taken from Robbie Williams' song 'Millennium' for students to sort, discuss and even create their own version. Works well as a comparison to Blake's 'The Tyger'.
Dual narrative: A presentation about how writers create a dual narrative. It would be useful to have copies of extracts from novels with dual narratives for students to explore.
Characters: Character descriptions from a variety of pre-20th century novels and associated activities.
Penny dreadfuls: A definition of the term 'Penny Dreadful' (helpful if the teacher can provide the whole article - web link supplied) and a series of questions. Useful as a contextual exercise if studying the gothic or horror genre.
Horror genre: A lesson plan and activities to introduce the gothic horror genre and look at an extract from a Victorian Penny Dreadful.
Victorian research: A series of pictures (that can be downloaded) and extracts to explore the Industrial Revolution, religion, education, medicine, science, and the status of women in Victorian times (also available in KS4 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde).
Victorian poor: A lesson plan, resources and activities to explore class in Victorian society and how a writer effectively conveys living conditions.
Victorian conflict: Information and questions about Victorian society and some sheets for students to use as discussion tools and to make links with a Victorian text.
Victorian portraits: An introductory sheet to explore the Victorian context (links to pictures that can be downloaded).
Victorian life: A series of photos (links provided) and questions to introduce the contrasts between the lives of the rich and poor in Victorian England.