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Hamlet Teaching Resources

All page references refer to Cambridge School Shakespeare Edition

Hamlet's soliloquy Act 1 Scene 2 Questions.
Reflect on understanding of the first soliloquy.
Act 1 Scene 2 questions.
Plot summary of Acts 1 and 2.
Quiz to find evidence about Hamlet's state of mind and character.
Quiz answers for above resource.
Questions to help annotation of Hamlet's soliloquy Act 2 Scene 2
Plot summary of Acts 3 and 4.
Questions on Hamlet's soliloquy Act 3 Scene 1.
Using evidence to answer essay questions.
Another Hamlet quiz.
Questions on the end of the play.
Plot summary of Act 5.
Coursework title and helpful notes.
Performing Hamlet: A fun way to ensure students understand the plot and sequence of the play. Chocolate required!