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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Teaching Resources

Chapters 2 & 3: Activities and questions on these two chapters.
Chapter 4: Questions on the chapter "The Carew Murder Case".
Chapter 5: A set of true or false statements about "Incident of the Letter".
Chapter 6: A set of true or false statements on "Remarkable Incident of Dr Lanyon".
Chapter 7: A set of true or false statements about "Incidents at the Windows".
Chapter 9: Eight questions on "Dr Lanyon's Narrative".
Jekyll & Hyde Chap 1 Questions: Questions to aid analysis of chapter 1.
Jekyll & Hyde Essay Questions: Essay Questions on duality.
Fog: Fog / Description of London.
Henry Jekyll Questions: Questions on Dr Jekyll.
Mr Hyde's appearance: Extracts from chapters 2 and 3, contextual information about Victorian's views on people's appearances and questions to enable students to compare and contrast Stevenson's descriptions of Jekyll and Hyde.
Murder: The murder of Sir Danvers Carew.
Reading Notes: Areas to consider when reading grid.
Tension 1: Students plot the tension of each chapter on a graph using a quotation to prove they are right (best copied onto A3).
Unit Plan: Overview of series of lessons introducing contextual ideas related to the novel.
Victorian portraits: An introductory sheet to explore the Victorian context (links to pictures that can be downloaded).
Victorian research: A series of pictures (that can be downloaded) and extracts to explore the Industrial Revolution, religion, education, medicine, science, and the status of women in Victorian times (also available in KS4 Exploring Literature).