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Of Mice and Men Teaching Resources

Character: Summary grid to complete about the main characters.
Character group work: Students prepare a presentation on a character CA.
Characters 1: A chart to complete about the connections between the characters.
Context notes: Originally intended to be used in conjunction with Devon Curriculum Services' DVD Guys that work on ranches but can be adapted for any research task.
Context questions: Questions to help explore the context of the novel.
Crooks: Table to fill in about Crooks and two essay titles on this character.
Example essay: A sample essay on chapter 3 for students to assess and discuss.
Extract questions: With a focus on AO1, this lesson helps students prepare for an extract exam question. Originally intended for use with the Modern Text part of the AQA English Literature specification.
Help sheet other cultures essay: An advice sheet on writing an Other Cultures essay.
Intro to American Dream: A lesson plan and activity to introduce the American Dream.
Loneliness: A set of true/false statements and related activities.
Placing the events: List of 30 events and quotations for students to order and explain if and why they are significant. Includes a table that needs enlarging to A3.
Questions section 3: Questions on section 3 of the novel.
Questions section 4: Questions on section 4 of the novel.
Relationship: A look at some quotations to analyse the relationship between George and Lennie.
Relationship 3: Two slides of activities on the relationship between George and Lennie in chapter 3.
Section 1: A set of activities to explore and revise the first section of the novel.
Section 2: Eight questions on the second part of the novel.
Selection of essay intros: Sample introductions to a selection of Other Cultures essays.
Speaking and listening exercise: Instructions for a speaking and listening task.
Sunlight: A selection of jumbled up quotations with sunlight references for students to identify and rearrange.  Also included is a sunlight graph to plot the quotations (best enlarged to A3).
Themes: A very simple explanation of a theme and some questions.
WJEC Questions: Example questions for the WJEC Unit 1 English Literature (Higher and Foundation) papers.