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Oliver Twist Teaching Resources

Appearances: Encourages students to consider the Victorians' attitudes to villains.
Chapters 1: A complete list of chapter headings with a suggested activity (which can be done as a speaking and listening exercise).
Characters 1: Descriptions of many of the characters from the novel. Can be handed out as sheets for discussion or give pairs/groups one or two to investigate the language Dickens uses.
Characters 1 answers: The answers to the resource above.
Character connections: List of characters and an example chart to show how the characters can be connected.
Class 1: A list of characters and a table to complete (best displayed on an IWB or printed on A3) to investigate Dickens' attitude towards the Victorian class system.
Essay advice: Helpful hints for writing a GCSE essay on the novel.
Essay extracts: An essay title and extracts from the first eleven chapters for students to PEA. Can either be used for individuals or tackled as a class by giving pairs an extract each.
Oliver 1: A presentation to explore how Dickens illustrates conditions in the workhouse and the treatment of those within it.
Oliver 2: A presentation which looks at the class structure of Victorian England with extracts for students to discuss.
Oliver 3: A presentation on the possible significance of names in the novel.
The Angel in the House 1: A presentation to introduce the Victorian ideal of 'the angel in the house' and her opposite 'the fallen woman'.
Summary 11 chapters: A muddled up summary of the opening chapters and some questions on the importance of events.