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Other Cultures Poetry Teaching Resources

AQA other cultures: A booklet to help students understand the assessment objectives with modelled examples from cluster 2 of the anthology.
AQA other cultures revision: Cut up the cards and distribute for students to match up.
Comparing poems 1: Useful to help students in their first attempts to compare poems.
Dominoes 1: A set of domino cards for both clusters of the AQA spec A poems and suggestions of ways to use them for revision.
From unrelated incidents1: Range of tasks including a cloze exercise.
From unrelated incidents: Activities on standard English and a translation grid.
Making links: A list of the AQA Spec A poems and suggested comparisons that can be drawn between them. Useful for discussion, display and revision.
Night of the Scorpion group task: Preparation advice on two aspects of the poem. Includes relevant assessment objectives for AQA spec A.
List of words: Selection of words from the poem 'Nothing's Changed' for students to sort and discuss in order to consider content, imagery and themes in the poem.  Can also ask students to pick out what they think would make the best title for the poem and/or ask them to write their own version using the words available.
Presents and hurricane card sort: Students put the essay into the most effective order. Uses the poems 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' and 'Hurricane'.
Presents and hurricane card answer: The 'correct' essay for the card sort resource.
Sample essay plan: A sample essay plan for a question on 'Nothing's Changed' and 'Blessing' (question taken from the an AQA spec A paper).
Search for my tongue 1: Detailed lesson plan to introduce this poem by Sujata Bhatt.
Thinking about language: Simple starter activity to prompt discussion. Can be used with the 'Search for my Tongue 1' lesson.
This Room: A simple presentation to introduce the ideas and language in Imtiaz Dharker's poem 'This Room'.
This Room essay plan: Essay title and helpful hints to get students started.
This Room essay plan 1: Essay title (comparison with 'Love after Love') and helpful hints on content, language, and structure.
Quickfire planning: A handy comparison revision grid for AQA A spec.
Two scavengers: Some words and phrases and a set of activities to enable students to explore 'Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes' by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
Vultures essay example: An exemplar essay on Achebe's poem for students to discuss and assess.
Vultures essay plan: Brief points to help students structure a response to Achebe's poem (can be used with the 'Vultures' essay example above).