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Pride and Prejudice Teaching Resources

Chapter 1a: The first few paragraphs of the opening chapter, with questions.
Chapter 1b: An extract from Mr & Mrs Bennet's conversation in chapter 1, with four questions.
Characters 1: Based on the game 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon', students have to find as many connections as possible between each pair of characters.
Comments 1: A series of quotations from Jane Tomalin's biography Jane Austen: A Life for students to consider and explore.
First impressions: A series of 'Post-It' notes for students to complete on various characters' feeling about each other. Two blanks at end.
Humour 1: A series of quotations from the first twelve chapters to engage discussion about the humour in the novel.
Humour 2: A selection of quotations from chapters 13-24.
Humour 3: More quotations from chapters 25-37.
Humour 4: Quotations from chapters 38-53.
Humour 5: Quotations from chapters 54-61.
Place names: A set of cards of all the places in the novel for revision use.