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Seamus Heaney Teaching Resources

Death of a Naturalist 1: Investigate the use of alliteration and assonance in the poem.

Death of a Naturalist 2: Match up words from the poem to the correct category and consider the reasons why Heaney used them.

Death of a Naturalist 3: Rank suggested summaries of the poem and discuss the questions about structure.

Follower 1: A set of 18 questions on the poem.

Connect 1: A grid of clues to revise Follower. A blank grid is included on the second page for students to prepare their own revision quizzes.

Mid-term break lesson: Detailed lesson plan to explore the poem. Originally intended for GCSE students studying AQA spec A but can be adapted.

The Barn 1: A set of activities to explore the poem in detail.

Clarke/Heaney nature essay: Example of an essay, with planning, with the title 'Compare how nature is presented in Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney, one poem by Gillian Clarke, and two pre-1914 poems'.
Clarke/Heaney nature essay with notes: The same essay as above but with comments to show where and how it addresses the assessment objectives.