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Spoken Language Teaching Resources

Card sort: Useful as an introduction.
Convergence and divergence: An idiot's guide.
Convergence and divergence (students): An explanation and activity sheet.
Convergence and divergence (teacher): The answers to the above resource.
Different types of sentences: Identify the sentence type and explain the purpose of each type.
Face: Simple diagram to show the various ways we speak to different people.
Grice: An idiot's guide to Grice's Maxims.
Jargon sheet: An introduction to jargon.
Lexis: An idiot's guide to Lexis.
Review: Quick revision of some key terms.
Sentences: An idiot's guide to different sentence types.
Texting: An idiot's guide.
Texting examples questions: A series of questions on text messaging.
Texting examples answers: The answers for the above resource.
What is really meant by: An introduction to pragmatics.