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The Merchant of Venice Teaching Resources

Merchant Of Venice Mix: A mixed up summary of the plot.
Merchant Of Venice Mix Answers: The answer to the above resource!
Essay plan: A guide sheet on a victim/villain question.
A summary: A sheet on which students can write their own summary as you study the play. Act 1 Scene 1 is done as an example.
Bad behaviour: A range of activities to explore Salario, Solanio and Shylock's conversations in Act 3 Scene 1.
Act 3 Scene 2: Put the events in the right order and plot the tension of the scene on a graph.
Connections: A diagram about the many links between the characters for students to complete (best photocopied onto A3 or displayed on an IWB).
Characters 1: An annotated copy of Shylock's first appearance in Act 1 Scene 3 and his conversation with Bassanio. Suitable for display and discussion or as a hand-out.
Characters 2: A colour-coding activity to explore the first meeting between Shylock and Antonio.
Characters 3: Some of Jessica's first lines with associated questions.
Portia's suitors: A matching exercise, table for a modern translation and a grid for analysing Portia's words.
Shylock's reaction: Order lines from the speech and explore the importance of the way the audience hears Shylock's reaction to Jessica's disappearance.