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The Old Man and the Sea Teaching Resources

Check List: Revision Traffic Lights.
Most Important Events: A list of important events (currently in order).
Pages 8-22: True/False questions & quotations.
Pages 28-49: Questions on the text.
Perception of Women: Activities on the perception of women.
Quotations: Match the quotations to the category.
Reordering the shark: Reordering the first shark attack.
Revise Knowledge: Revision questions on the text.
Revise Plot: Plot revision activity.
Revising Quotations and their meaning: Revise quotations.
Speaking and Listening: Speaking and listening tasks.
Themes: A diagram of themes.
What makes a hero: Discussion prompts on heroes.
Picture of hands: Line drawing of hands holding a rope.
Picture of man asleep: Line drawing of old man asleep in chair.
Picture of man in boat: Line drawing of old man in boat.
Picture of marlin: Line drawing of marlin leaping from water.