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The Woman in Black Teaching Resources

A London Particular: Eight questions on chapter 2.
A Packet of Letters: Fourteen questions on this chapter.
Across the causeway: Eight questions on this chapter.
The Chapters: A pre-reading exercise on the chapter headings.
Chapter booklet: All the chapter questions in a booklet. Useful for revision.
The Woman in Black: Eight questions on the last chapter.
Characters: A set of cards for revision or balloon debate or display.
Christmas Eve: Twelve questions on the opening chapter.
In the Nursery: Twelve questions on this chapter.
Mr Jerome is Afraid: A series of questions on the chapter.
Properties: A comparison chart for the properties. Best either displayed for students to copy or enlarged on to A3.
Sea Mist 1: A photo of sea mist rolling in to explore.
Sea Mist 2: A photo of sea mist with a lonely figure. Useful for discussions.
Sightings: A list of Arthur's ghostly experiences (page numbers refer to Vintage 1998 edition).
Spider: Eight questions on the chapter.
Tension 1: A graph for plotting the rising and falling tension of the story (best copied onto A3 or copied onto larger paper).
The funeral of Mrs Drablow: Ten questions on this important chapter.
The Journey North: Six questions on this chapter.
The Sound of a Pony and Trap: Questions on the chapter, mostly about Hill's writing style.
Transport: An activity to look at the importance of the various modes of transport.
Weather: A diagram to explore the significance of the weather to events.
Whistle and I'll Come to You: Ten questions on this chapter.
Woman in Black 1: Helps students explore the elements of a successful ghost story.