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Death of a Salesman Teaching Resources

American dream essay titles: Suggested essay titles (Death of a Salesman & The Great Gatsby).
Dreams essay example: A sample essay on the significance of dreams in the play for students to assess and discuss.
Evening Out: Eighteen questions on the scene in the restaurant in Act 2.
Other characters: A list of conversations Willy has with other characters in Act One and five questions (page numbers refer to the Heinemann edition).
Past/Present Act 1: A chart to record Willy's conversations with characters in the past and present in Act 1.
Quotations 1: A series of quotations from Act 1 to investigate if Loman is a tragic hero.
Stage directions: The opening stage directions with 12 discussion questions and an extension task.
Tragic hero 1: Definitions and discussion questions to explore whether or not Loman is a tragic hero.
Tragic hero 2: A list of statements to discuss.
Tragic hero 3: An essay question with prompts about Willy and Biff Loman.
Tragic titles: Suggested essay titles for Willy Loman as a tragic hero.
Themes: Sheets to enable students to collect quotations on important themes and motifs.