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Digging to America Teaching Resources

Bitsy 1: A series of quotations about Bitsy at the beginning of the novel (page numbers refer to the Vintage edition).
Maryam 1: Eight quotations about Maryam from the first two chapters.
The author Tyler 1: Biographical information and links.
Record: Sheets for recording the main events, dominant voices and important quotations in every chapter.
Characters: An activity to explore the importance to the narrative of various characters.
Narrative 1: A list of possible effects on the narrative. Students discuss, rank and find examples for each one.
Opening: A set of 10 questions to use as prompts for a presentation on the opening of the novel.
What is American 1: A series of questions to discuss before reading the novel and then activities to do during reading.
Questions 1: Twelve discussion questions on the first five chapters.
Questions 2: Eight questions on chapter 6.
Essay questions 1: Ten essay questions on the whole novel.
Time 1: A table to record the events of the novel (chronological and memories).
Reviews 1: Link to a selection of reviews with ten accompanying questions.
Voices 1: Discussion questions on the voices in the novel.
The end: Eight discussion questions on the end of the novel.