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Hedda Gabler Teaching Resources

Critics: Four statements about the character of Hedda Gabler for discussion.
Points for discussion: Two activities on themes and imagery and an essay question.
Questions: A list of ten essay/discussion questions (two sets to a page).
Quick questions: Twelve easy questions to ensure students were paying attention!
Quotations: Seven quotations for students to discuss and annotate.
Quotations 1: Comments about Hedda from the other characters (Act 1) with prompt questions.
Relationships: A list of the various relationships with activities.
Stage directions: The opening stage directions from each Act with space for students to make notes on significant points and changes.
Symbols: A list of themes, motifs, symbols and issues in the play.
The characters: The opening stage directions for each of the characters with discussion questions.
The opening: The opening stage directions and ten questions to explore symbolism in the play.