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Investigating Literature Teaching Resources

Intro to prose: A set of four marriage proposals and questions to introduce the analysis of prose at AS or IB level.  Teacher's Note: two of the marriage proposals have been cut because of copyright (the Behind the Scenes at the Museum extract and the Mills & Boon extract).  The exercise is more effective if you can provide the full text to students.

Book Reviews: Encourage your students to keep a record of the books they read with these useful sheets.
Getting to know you: A set of autobiographical extracts for students to model their own writing on.
Words of love: A collection of love poems and discussion points to explore them.
Types of narrator: Match up the different narrative voices to the definitions. Several extension activities as follow-up tasks.
The narrator and their role: A table for students to complete and a selection of extracts to discuss and explore the narrative voice.
Lit theory opposites: A series of cards to explore words associated with gender and difference. Useful as an introduction to critical theories.
The power of language: An active exploration, through 'The Scarlatti Tilt', of the ways in which language and cultural norms interact.