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Analysis: A set of words for students to discuss and categorise before looking at an obituary.
AQA B Overview: An 'at a glance' view of the specification.
Assessment objectives: A set of posters for AQA Spec B.
Categorising texts: Originally intended for AQA Spec B (ENGB1) but useful as a reminder for a number of tasks.
Child Language Acquisition Intro: Introductory exercise for investigating Child Language Acquisition.
Conversation analysis 1: Seven extracts for students to analyse. Can be used with the conversation analysis grid below.
Conversation analysis grid: Is what it says! Simple but useful.
Early CLA test: 18 questions (32 marks). Originally intended for ENB6.
Early CLA test answers: The answers to the resource above.
Education revision: A useful chart, originally intended for Language Change in AQA Spec B.
ENGB2 Cover Sheet: Intended for AQA spec B (AS Level) so that students can keep track of what they have completed and what they need to do.
ENGB4 Cover Sheet: Intended for AQA spec B (A2) coursework.
Glastonbury grid: To accompany the pre-released material for ENB5 for AQA GCE English Language Spec B (June 2004).
Guess the gender 1: A set of eight emails for students to discuss and work out whether each was written by a man or a woman and explain how they know.
Guess the gender 2: The answers to the above resource.
Happy Families: A revision game for A2 Language Change. Instructions are on page 6.
How to write: Intended for AQA Spec B (ENBS). Students pick one of the options out of a hat from the second page and then write the 'How to...' guide on page 1.
Investigating Language: A presentation for AQA  spec B English Language A2 Level ENGB4.
Investigating Language Teacher Notes: Notes to accompany the presentation above.
Language change 1: Useful as a discussion starting point. A number of questions on a short piece of text (an email from a teacher to a colleague). Two sets to a page.
Language change key messages 1: Originally intended for AQA spec B, an introductory presentation on the history of English.
Language introduction: Useful presentation for students and/or parents about the English Language AS/A2.
Phonology: An introductory sheet with associated activity.
Rediscover Grammar 1-6: Questions on the first six chapters of David Crystal's book Rediscover Grammar.
Semantics: A short glossary of terms.
Simple guide to commentary writing: Intended for AQA spec B (AS Level) ENGB2.
Sir Walter Raleigh: A slide show of activities to help students investigate a letter from Sir Walter Raleigh to his wife (based on the AQA spec A Unit 5 exam paper June 2006).
Speed dating: Intended for AQA spec B AS Level, a fun way to do text groupings.
Spoken language glossary game: Dominoes style game. Teacher needs to start by reading out the question on the grey card. Student with the correct answer reads out their answer and then asks their question.
Spoken language test 1: 22 questions.
Spoken language answers 1: The answers to the above test.
Summary sheet: Key words with space for students to write in definitions.
Survey of sentence length: Examples of a variety of texts for students to explore.
Table for categorising: To help students think about texts in a systematic way. Originally intended for AQA Spec B.
The Large Hadron Collider: Originally intended for AQA spec B Language (ENBS) but useful for any spec. A set of source material links (including an inspired rap) and two tasks.
Theorist balloon debate: Eight theorists for students to debate and save or throw out of the balloon.