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The Changeling Teaching Resources

Views of the changeling: Two critical quotations for students to discuss.
I am changed: A table to chart changes in the characters.
Context 1: Aimed at AQA spec B English Literature A2 candidates. A chart to help students understand any question.
Bea's tragedy: AQA B skills descriptions, question from June 2006 and some pointers to help guide an answer..
The changeling 1: Explore the various meanings of the title and their possible applications to the play.
Changeling critical views: Rank the critical views and find evidence to support each one.
Goodness and chasteness: A quotation to explore in relation to Beatrice-Joanna, Diaphanta and Isabella.
Fools or madmen: Enlarge to A3. Students write examples in the left-hand side of the boxes to illustrate foolishness and in the right-hand side to show madness. Use the line of page 2 to order the characters based on the evidence.