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The Great Gatsby Teaching Resources

American Dream Essay Titles: Suggested essay titles (The Great Gatsby & Death of a Salesman).
Ranking: Discuss and rank suggested ideas..
Settings: A spider diagram with prompt questions about the importance of settings in the novel.
Symbols etc: List of themes, motifs, symbols and issues in the novel.
Titles 1: An extract from The Making of a Bestseller by Arthur T Vanderbilt about Fitzgerald's various titles for the novel and eight questions to explore their significance.
The character of Daisy: A set of discussion questions to explore the presentation of Daisy in the opening chapter of the novel.
The character of Gatsby 1: Spider diagram to help build up a picture of the character.
The Narrator: Questions to explore and discuss the role of Nick Carraway.
Truth & Lies: Prompt sheet to explore the honesty of various characters.