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Teleprinter is an educational software package which can be used with students to enable them to work as a team to analyse information, make decisions and role play all whilst having fun.

Teleprinter provides data about a situation to students at pre-defined intervals. Students use this information to undertake an activity and in doing so develop their teamworking, analysis, decision making and leadership skills.  The data is stored in a datafile, a simple text file, and can easily be modified using the inbuilt editor or any simple text editor such as Microsoft Notepad.  As well as text Teleprinter can also output images to enhance the learning experience.

With the ever-increasing focus on ICT in the National Curriculum, Teleprinter offers the opportunity for both students and teachers to use ICT in a constructive manner. Teleprinter may be used as a teaching aid for diverse subjects.

All you need to run Teleprinter is a PC and a printer. A newsroom scenario and an advertising agency scenario are included with lessons plans and resources. Click here to see what students thought of the the newsroom activity.

 Teleprinter provides opportunities for:

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